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Garden Self-watering Planter Kit For Indoor & Outdoor

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Added October 7, 2019
Altifarm Home Farm; Vertical Raised Elevated Garden Self-watering Planter Kit For Indoor & Outdoor Gardening (4 Tier, White) – Premium All-season Grow System

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  • RESH PRODUCE AND HERBS ALL YEAR, EVERY DAY: why go all the way to the store just to wonder where your food has been? Now you can have NON-GMO, pesticide-free, farm to fork freshness in seconds when and how you want it.
  • SAVE MONEY, GET HAPPY: Grow herbs, fruits, vegetables, microgreens, flowers – anything you can think of! Save money on overpriced produce you’d have to buy again and again and grow it effortlessly instead!
  • DO LESS, GET MORE: Grow luscious produce and plants effortlessly, save time shopping, and never risk over-watering again. Simply add your soil, plant your seeds, water once a week and let the built-in self-watering system do the rest! No water connection, electricity, or pump needed. (Seeds + Soil NOT included)
  • “YOUR RIGHT TO GROW ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Altifarm makes gardening easy, approachable and fun! Designed to suit busy lifestyles and tight urban spaces, indoor and outdoor. Turn any unused corner or deck into a flourishing green space. ”
  • SPEEDY ASSEMBLY, PREMIUM MATERIALS: Assembles in 5 minutes, no tools needed! Food grade, BPA free, UV treated HDPE tubs (100% recycable) with inner trays rest on a heavy-duty corrosion-treated & powder-coated steel frame. Includes self-watering spouts with water level indicator, heavy-duty PU feet and rubber end caps, and a user manual and documentation.

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